Ruby Tribe is proud to announce that SkinVision got a $3.4M investment from LEO Pharma!
" Can an app warn you that you might have skin cancer? Digital health startup SkinVision is using smart-phone tech and vision algorithms to allow consumers to track changes to their moles... "

Who are we and what we do

We are a small team dedicated to creating beautiful apps for web & mobile that solve problems.

1. Strategy & Management

You have an idea, but have no idea where to start? We'll decide together what, how and when it will be done, after which we'll oversee the entire project from concept to completion.

2. Design

Let's make the blueprints. We take the specs and create the wireframe layout and flow of the app. After that, our designers will create beautiful and engaging visuals for your software.

3. Development

Now it's time to bring it to life. Our software wizards will build the product bit by bit until is fully functional. Their skills are Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android and front end web development.

4. Validation & Deployment

Almost there! We make sure everything works the way it should, with extensive testing and bug fixing. After this, the product is prepared and launched into the wild.

5. Maintenance

The adventure has just begun! As we learn more about the product's performance and user acceptance, the above process is repeated on a regular basis to reach software nirvana!

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One of the smartest, most obsessive, geeky, creative, meme-worthy group of people you've ever had the pleasure to lay your eyes on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take to complete my project?

From user experience our typical project takes 2-3 months. We've found that that's enough time for us to do a thorough job on each of the phases while not so much time that we get bogged down in minutia that aren't really necessary to test the startup's main business assumptions. We are firm believers that getting a product in front of actual users is far more valuable than building extra small features that probably won't have a great effect for better or for worse. Instead, we want entrepreneurs to wait to build additional features until they have proof from users that those features will really help.

Q: How much does it cost to make a mobile app?

Exact pricing depends on the project and specifications, but our typical project costs between €15-45k.

Q: What happens after our first version is done?

Once we have delivered the first iteration of the product, our involvement becomes more strategic. We offer technical, marketing and product feedback as needed. First version in hand, you can then explore raising additional funds, validating assumptions, gathering customer feedback and finding a technical co-founder. In certain cases we also work with our partners on follow on support and follow-on iterations.

Q: What technologies do you use?

Depends on the project but generally: Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, HTML5, jQuery, PostGres, Amazon S3, Github and a whole bunch of 3rd party integrations (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, etc...).

Q: Who do you like working with?

We like to work with founders who are uniquely positioned to execute on the problem they are attacking. Usually this means they have deep domain experience and know how they will get their first customers. Being nice, fun and easy to work with is also important.

Q: I know exactly what I want and just need a team to execute, can you do this?

We will question this assumption but after that... Bring it On!

Q: Will you sign an NDA?

We prefer not. We hear dozens of ideas every month and we don't ever want to be in a position where we can't work on another project because we spoke with someone who had a slightly similar idea.

Crafted in Transylvania, Romania

Emil Isac no. 23, Cluj-Napoca

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